Application of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 236-238

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Ping Fan, Zhi Feng Meng, Jia Hua Zhou, Hong Xiang

Abstract: Major factors that influenced the breakage of starch bubbles during extrusion expansion such as the initial bubble radium, the initial cell...

Authors: Dan Huang, Yu Long Chu, Zhi Chao Shang, Yu Long Li, Zhong Ming Lu

Abstract: The metabolies characterization of mold producing esterifying synthetase of different culture conditions were studied. A mold strain...

Authors: He Cen Wang, De Hou Jiang, Ying Liu

Abstract: In order to control the dust emission for boiler, bag dedusters and composite electrostatic-bag precipitators in the application of...

Authors: Ming Xia, Tie Jing Ying

Abstract: The enzymatic membrane bioreactor (EMB), which is a combination of a membrane separation process and an enzymatic reaction, is increasingly...

Authors: Ding Xie, Yong Le Liu, Jian Xun Ouyan, Xiao Wen Li, Yu Cui Wei, Jian Yu, Chi Ling Li, Fa Xiang Wang

Abstract: Using additives to prevent retrogradation together with traditional Chinese fermentation technology for rice noodles and the steam...

Authors: Heng Zhang, Zhao Tang Xu, Wen Qian Li, Shan Shan Yang

Abstract: The aim was to develop a nonlinearity model of quantitative analysis of vitamin C content by infrared spectroscopy and provide theoretical...

Authors: Liang Chen, Yan Shi Xie

Abstract: Core SB-01 , located in SanShui Basin, contained two ostracode assemblages and two charophyte assemblages. Ostracode assemblages included...

Authors: Rui Sun, Si Hao Chen, Chen Chen Xing

Abstract: Huperzine A loaded microspheres are prepared using a W/O solvent evaporation method. The fixed speed release system is that microspheres...

Authors: Xue Song Huang, Xian Zhe Lin, Mo Ting Guo, Ya Zou

Abstract: The solution of piperine in multiple solvent including ethanol, acetic acid, water and HCl were investigated to extract more piperine from...

Authors: Chu Shu Zhang, Qing Li Yang, Ke Jia, Zhi Qiang Liu, Li Na Yu, Jie Sun, Jie Bi

Abstract: The cell wall of peanut skin was destroyed by cellulase enzymolysis from peanut skin fermentation, which was beneficial to extract...


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