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Authors: D. Siche, M. Albrecht, J. Doerschel, K. Irmscher, H. J. Rost, M. Rossberg, D. Schulz
Abstract:Planar defects have been found in nitrogen doped 2" 4H-SiC crystals grown on off-axis seeds. The doping level was 1×1019cm-3, which is below...
Authors: Soo Hyung Seo, Joon Suk Song, Myung Hwan Oh, Yen Zen Wang
Abstract:We present experimental results with regard to the evaluation of growth-induced polytype domains in 6H-SiC crystals grown by sublimation...
Authors: Jung Kyu Kim, Kap Ryeol Ku, Dong Jin Kim, Sang Phil Kim, Won Jae Lee, Byoung Chul Shin, Geun Hyoung Lee, Il Soo Kim
Abstract:SiC crystal boules with different shapes were prepared using sublimation physical vapor transport technique (PVT) and then their crystal...
Authors: Shin Ichi Nishizawa, Michel Pons
Abstract:Growth, etching, and doping features of SiC-CVD in a horizontal hot-wall reactor were numerically analyzed using the improved heterogeneous...
Authors: Alessandro Veneroni, Fabrizio Omarini, Maurizio Masi, Stefano Leone, Marco Mauceri, Giuseppe Pistone, Giuseppe Abbondanza
Abstract:The present production processes for epitaxial SiC do not allow the matching of productivity with the material quality requested by the...
Authors: Erik Janzén, Peder Bergman, Örjan Danielsson, Urban Forsberg, Christer Hallin, Jawad ul Hassan, Anne Henry, Ivan G. Ivanov, A. Kakanakova-Georgieva, P.O.Å. Persson, Qamar-ul Wahab
Abstract:The Hot-Wall CVD reactor was developed for the thick epitaxial SiC layers needed for high voltage power devices but its inherent better...
Authors: Danilo Crippa, Gian Luca Valente, Alfonso Ruggiero, L. Neri, Ricardo Reitano, Lucia Calcagno, Gaetano Foti, Marco Mauceri, Stefano Leone, Giuseppe Pistone, Giuseppe Abbondanza, G. Abbagnale, Alessandro Veneroni, Fabrizio Omarini, L. Zamolo, Maurizio Masi, Fabrizio Roccaforte, G. Giannazzo, Salvatore Di Franco, Francesco La Via
Abstract:The results of a new epitaxial process using an industrial 6x2” wafer reactor with the introduction of HCl during the growth have been...
Authors: Rachael L. Myers-Ward, Olof Kordina, Z. Shishkin, Shailaja P. Rao, R. Everly, Stephen E. Saddow
Abstract:Hydrogen chloride (HCl) was added to a standard SiC epitaxial growth process as an additive gas. A low-pressure, hot-wall CVD reactor, using...
Authors: Jie Zhang, Janice Mazzola, Carl Hoff, Yaroslav Koshka, Jeff B. Casady
Authors: Yaroslav Koshka, Huang De Lin, Galyna Melnychuck, Michael S. Mazzola, Jeffery L. Wyatt
Abstract:The results of the initial experiments with halogenated carbon precursor chloromethane (CH3Cl) for epitaxial growth of 4H-SiC are presented....
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