Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2004

Volumes 483-485

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Anatoly M. Strel'chuk, Vitalii V. Kozlovski, Alexander A. Lebedev, N.Yu. Smirnova

Abstract: Excess currents of the different nature in 6H-SiC pn structures of the different origin and parameters were investigated. The effect of the...

Authors: Pierre Brosselard, Thierry Bouchet, Dominique Planson, Sigo Scharnholz, Gontran Pâques, Mihai Lazar, Christophe Raynaud, Jean-Pierre Chante, Emil Spahn

Abstract: Overcoming the physical limits of silicon, silicon carbide shows a high potential for making high voltage thyristors. After a simulation...

Authors: Phillippe Godignon

Abstract: Silicon Carbide has proven its strong interest for power and high frequency devices but it also has superior characteristics for application...

Authors: Giuseppe Bertuccio, Simona Binetti, S. Caccia, R. Casiraghi, Antonio Castaldini, Anna Cavallini, Claudio Lanzieri, Alessia Le Donne, Filippo Nava, Sergio Pizzini, L. Rigutti, G. Verzellesi

Abstract: High performance SiC detectors for ionising radiation have been designed, manufactured and tested. Schottky junctions on low-doped epitaxial...

Authors: Francesco Moscatelli, Andrea Scorzoni, Antonella Poggi, Mara Bruzzi, Stefano Lagomarsino, Stefano Mersi, Silvio Sciortino, Mihai Lazar, Annalisa Di Placido, Roberta Nipoti

Abstract: Silicon carbide is a promising wide-gap material because of its excellent electrical and physical properties, which are very relevant to...

Authors: Nikita B. Strokan, Alexander M. Ivanov, N.S. Savkina, Alexander A. Lebedev, Vitalii V. Kozlovski, Mikael Syväjärvi, Rositza Yakimova

Abstract: Nuclear-particle detectors based on SiC with a structure composed of an n+-type substrate, a p-type epitaxial layer, and a Schottky barrier...

Authors: Alexander M. Ivanov, Evgenia V. Kalinina, G. Kholuyanov, Nikita B. Strokan, G. Onushkin, Andrey O. Konstantinov, Anders Hallén, Andrej Yu. Kuznetsov

Abstract: The spectrometric characteristics of the detectors based on 4H-SiC using 4.8-7.7 MeV a-particles were determined. The Cr Schottky barriers...

Authors: A. Trinchi, W. Wlodarski, G. Faglia, A. Ponzoni, E. Comini, G. Sberveglieri

Abstract: Silicon carbide based metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) devices are attractive for gas sensing in harsh, high temperature environments. We...

Authors: Enn Velmre, Andres Udal, Mihhail Klopov

Abstract: The strength of recombination radiation reabsorption in GaN is discussed. For material comparisons a distance-dependent radiative...

Authors: Lucy V.C. Assali, R. Larico, W.V.M. Machado, João F. Justo

Abstract: The electronic and structural properties of nickel-vacancy complexes in diamond were investigated by a total energy ab initio methodology....


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