Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2004

Volumes 483-485

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Makoto Mizukami, Osamu Takikawa, Seiji Imai, Kozo Kinoshita, Tetsuo Hatakeyama, Tomokazu Domon, Takashi Shinohe

Abstract: A 4H-SiC 600 V class Deep-Implanted gate Vertical JFET (DI-VJFET) is examined. The DI-VJFET exhibited a specific on-resistance of 13 mΩcm2,...

Authors: J. Neil Merrett, John R. Williams, J.D. Cressler, A.P. Sutton, Lin Cheng, V. Bondarenko, Igor Sankin, D. Seale, Michael S. Mazzola, Bharat Krishnan, Yaroslav Koshka, Jeff B. Casady

Abstract: 4H-SiC vertical depletion-mode trench JFETs were fabricated, packaged, and then irradiated with either 6.8 Mrad gamma from a 60Co source, a...

Authors: Martin Domeij, Erik Danielsson, Hyung Seok Lee, Carl Mikael Zetterling, Mikael Östling

Abstract: The current gain (b) of 4H-SiC BJTs as function of collector current (IC) has been investigated by DC and pulsed measurements and by device...

Authors: S. Balachandran, T. Paul Chow, Anant K. Agarwal, Skip Scozzie, Kenneth A. Jones

Abstract: The letter presents a set of design curves that relate the open-base breakdown voltage BVCEO to the open emitter breakdown voltage BVCBO...

Authors: Hyung Seok Lee, Martin Domeij, Erik Danielsson, Carl Mikael Zetterling, Mikael Östling
Authors: Sumi Krishnaswami, Anant K. Agarwal, Craig Capell, Jim Richmond, Sei Hyung Ryu, John W. Palmour, S. Balachandran, T. Paul Chow, Stephen Baynes, Bruce Geil, Kenneth A. Jones, Charles Scozzie

Abstract: 1000 V Bipolar Junction Transistor and integrated Darlington pairs with high current gain have been developed in 4H-SiC. The 3.38 mm x 3.38...

Authors: Erik Danielsson, Martin Domeij, Hyung Seok Lee, Carl Mikael Zetterling, Mikael Östling, Adolf Schöner, Christer Hallin

Abstract: 4H-SiC BJTs were fabricated using epitaxial regrowth instead of ion implantation to form a highly doped extrinsic base layer necessary for a...

Authors: S. Balachandran, T. Paul Chow, Anant K. Agarwal

Abstract: The paper presents a study of the different aspects of the temperature dependent performance of a 4H-SiC epi-emitter Bipolar Junction...

Authors: Chia Ching Chen, Alton B. Horsfall, Nicolas G. Wright, Anthony G. O'Neill

Abstract: We present the results of a simulation study on the behaviour of 3C-SiC bipolar transistors fabricated using a 6H-SiC heterojunction...

Authors: Lin Zhu, S. Balachandran, T. Paul Chow

Abstract: In this paper, the performance of high-voltage (10kV) 4H-SiC n- and p-channel IGBTs and n-channel MOS-Gated Bipolar Transistor (MGT) are...


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