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Authors: Michio Tajima, E. Higashi, Toshihiko Hayashi, Hiroyuki Kinoshita, Hiromu Shiomi
Abstract:The effectiveness of room-temperature photoluminescence (PL) mapping was demonstrated for nondestructive detection of structural defects,...
Authors: Sashi Kumar Chanda, Yaroslav Koshka, Murugesu Yoganathan
Abstract:A room temperature PL mapping technique was applied to establish the origin of resistivity variation in PVT-grown 6H SiC substrates. A...
Authors: Seung Ho Park, Mark J. Loboda, Michael J. Spaulding
Authors: Joshua D. Caldwell, Orest J. Glembocki, Darren M. Hansen, Gil Chung, Karl D. Hobart, Francis J. Kub
Abstract:Presented is the use of a commercial optical scanner for the mapping of doping density ( ) D N of SiC substrates and as a local probe for D...
Authors: Murugesu Yoganathan, Ejiro Emorhokpor, Thomas Kerr, A. Gupta, C.D. Tanner, Ilya Zwieback
Abstract:SiC substrates produced at II-VI, Inc. have been characterized using x-ray rocking curve mapping (topography). The rocking curves have been...
Authors: Timothy Bogart, W.J. Everson, Rick D. Gamble, Ed Oslosky, David Snyder, Eugene Furman, Steve Perini, M. Lanagan
Abstract:Semi-insulating silicon carbide (SiC) wafers are important as substrates for high frequency devices such as AlGaN-GaN HEMT’s. A...
Authors: Yue Ke, Fei Yan, Robert P. Devaty, Wolfgang J. Choyke
Abstract:A hybrid columnar and dendritic porous structure has been developed in n-type 6H SiC using photoelectrochemical etching with proper control...
Authors: Yue Ke, Catherine Moisson, S. Gaan, R.M. Feenstra, Robert P. Devaty, Wolfgang J. Choyke
Abstract:The effects of initial surface morphology on the early stages of porous SiC formation under highly biased photoelectrochemical etching...
Authors: G.T. Andrews, C.K. Young, A. Polomska, Maynard J. Clouter, Yue Ke, Robert P. Devaty, Wolfgang J. Choyke
Abstract:Brillouin spectra have been recorded for a series of supported films of p-type porous 6H-SiC with a branched morphology and porosities in...
Authors: A.J. Rosenbloom, S. Nie, Yue Ke, Robert P. Devaty, Wolfgang J. Choyke
Abstract:We present relative recovery data for six proteins diffusing through porous silicon carbide membranes having a hybrid columnar/dendritic...
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