Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2005

Volumes 527-529

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shailaja P. Rao, Fabio Bergamini, Roberta Nipoti, A.M. Hoff, E. Oborina, Stephen E. Saddow

Abstract: Post-implant annealing of Al implanted 4H-SiC has been performed in the temperature range from 1600°C to 1750°C. Annealing was conducted in...

Authors: Yuki Negoro, Tsunenobu Kimoto, Hiroyuki Matsunami, Gerhard Pensl

Abstract: It is investigated whether the homogeneous depth profiles of epitaxially doped B or Al are changed or preserved by implantation of various...

Authors: Jaime A. Freitas, Kenneth A. Jones, Michael A. Derenge, R.D. Vispute, Shiva S. Hullavarad

Abstract: 4H-SiC samples implanted at 600°C with 1020 cm-3 of B or B and C to a depth of ~0.5 μm, capped with (BN/AlN), and annealed at temperatures...

Authors: Thomas Kups, Petia Weih, M. Voelskow, Wolfgang Skorupa, Jörg Pezoldt

Abstract: A box like Ge distribution was formed by ion implantation at 600°C. The Ge concentration was varied from 1 to 20 %. The TEM investigations...

Authors: G. Malouf, B. Poust, S. Hayashi, G. Yoshizawa, M.S. Goorsky

Abstract: Hydrogen-exfoliation has become a viable approach to transfer SiC thin layers onto different substrate materials. However, little attention...

Authors: Matthew H. Ervin, Kenneth A. Jones, Un Chul Lee, Taniya Das, M.C. Wood

Abstract: While nickel ohmic contacts to n-type silicon carbide have good electrical properties, the physical contact, and therefore the reliability,...

Authors: Wei Jie Lu, J.A. Michel, C.M. Lukehart, W.E. Collins, W.C. Mitchel

Abstract: Ohmic contacts on SiC have been investigated extensively in the past decade. However, the mechanism for ohmic contact formation has been a...

Authors: Yusuke Maeyama, Kouichi Nishikawa, Yusuke Fukuda, Masaaki Shimizu, Masashi Sato, J. Ono, Hiroaki Iwakuro

Abstract: The characteristics of Ni, Monel (Ni-Cu alloy, Ni55mol%-Cu45mol%), Monel/Si, Ni/Ti/Ni and Mo electrodes were studied for ohmic contact to...

Authors: Konstantin Vassilevski, Irina P. Nikitina, Alton B. Horsfall, Nicolas G. Wright, C. Mark Johnson, Rajesh Kumar Malhan, Tetsuya Yamamoto

Abstract: Structural properties of Ni/Ti films deposited on 4H-SiC and annealed at temperatures from 800 to 1040°C have been studied. Films with...

Authors: Seung Yong Lee, Jang Sub Lee, Tae Hong Kim, Sung Yong Choi, Hak Jong Kim, Wook Bahng, Nam Kyun Kim, Sang Kwon Lee

Abstract: We report on the die bonding processes and how the surface roughness and metallization schemes affect the processes of die bonding in...


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