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Authors: Sima Dimitrijev, Ji Sheng Han, Jin Zou
Abstract:High-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HR TEM) reveals an atomically flat SiC surface after oxidation in either NO or dry O2...
Authors: Antonella Poggi, Francesco Moscatelli, Andrea Scorzoni, Giovanni Marino, Roberta Nipoti, Michele Sanmartin
Abstract:Many investigations have been conducted on the growth conditions of SiO2 on SiC to improve the oxide quality and the properties of the...
Authors: Kevin Matocha, Chris S. Cowen, Richard Beaupre, Jesse B. Tucker
Abstract:4H-SiC MOS capacitors were used to characterize the effect of reactive-ion etching of the SiC surface on the electrical properties of...
Authors: Tsunenobu Kimoto, H. Kawano, Masato Noborio, Jun Suda, Hiroyuki Matsunami
Abstract:Oxide deposition followed by high-temperature annealing in N2O has been investigated to improve the quality of 4H-SiC MOS structures....
Authors: Florin Ciobanu, Thomas Frank, Gerhard Pensl, Valeri V. Afanas'ev, Sheron Shamuilia, Adolf Schöner, Tsunenobu Kimoto
Abstract:A near-surface Gaussian nitrogen (N) profile is implanted into the Si- or C-face of n-/ptype 4H-SiC epilayers prior to a standard oxidation...
Authors: Bharat Krishnan, Hrishikesh Das, Yaroslav Koshka, Igor Sankin, P.A. Martin, Michael S. Mazzola
Abstract:Dielectric charges and charge stability were compared in different dielectrics formed on SiC by different processing techniques. The...
Authors: Junji Senzaki, Atsushi Shimozato, Kenji Fukuda
Abstract:Low-temperature post-oxidation annealing (POA) process of high-reliability thermal oxides grown on 4H-SiC using new apparatus that generates...
Authors: Yasuto Hijikata, Hiroyuki Yaguchi, Sadafumi Yoshida, Y. Takata, K. Kobayashi, H. Nohira, T. Hattori
Authors: Daniel B. Habersat, Aivars J. Lelis, G. Lopez, J.M. McGarrity, F. Barry McLean
Abstract:We have investigated the distribution of oxide traps and interface traps in 4H Silicon Carbide MOS devices. The density of interface traps,...
Authors: Morgan S. Dautrich, Patrick M. Lenahan, Aivars J. Lelis
Abstract:In this study we report on spin-dependent recombination-detected electron spin resonance of interface/near interface defects in 4H-SiC metal...
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