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Authors: Jie Yang, John Fraley, Bryon Western, Marcelo Schupbach, Alexander B. Lostetter
Abstract:APEI, Inc. designed, fabricated and tested a high gain AC coupled differential amplifier based on a custom-built silicon carbide (SiC)...
Authors: Jacek Rabkowski, Mariusz Zdanowski, Mietek Nowak, Roman Barlik
Abstract:This paper describes a simple fault protection system for Current Source Inverter built with normally-on SiC JFETs. Because all transistors...
Authors: Viorel Banu, Phillippe Godignon, Xavier Jordá, Mihaela Alexandru, José Millan
Abstract:This work demonstrates that a stable voltage reference with temperature, in the 25°C-300°C range is possible using SiC bipolar diodes. In a...
Authors: Luigia Lanni, Reza Ghandi, Martin Domeij, Carl Mikael Zetterling, Bengt Gunnar Malm, Mikael Östling
Abstract:In this work, a 4H-SiC lateral PNP transistor fabricated in a high voltage NPN technology has been simulated and characterized. The...
Authors: Karl Otto Dohnke, Wolfgang Bartsch, Reinhold Schörner, T. Van Weelden
Abstract:We present first results on power cycling of 6.5 kV SiC PiN-diodes mounted into a molded package. The geometry of this lateral package was...
Authors: Sushant Sonde, Carmelo Vecchio, Filippo Giannazzo, Rositza Yakimova, Emanuele Rimini, Vito Raineri
Abstract:Local current transport across graphene/4H-SiC was studied with nanometric scale lateral resolution by Scanning Current Spectroscopy on both...
Authors: Shoji Ushio, Ayumu Adachi, Kazuhiro Matsuda, Noboru Ohtani, Tadaaki Kaneko
Abstract:As a new graphene functionality applicable to post-implantation high temperature annealing of SiC, a method of in situ formation and removal...
Authors: Alessandra Caboni, Nicolas Camara, Esther Pausas, Narcis Mestres, Phillippe Godignon
Authors: Robert Göckeritz, Denny Schmidt, Moritz Beleites, Gerhard Seifert, Stefan P. Krischok, Marcel Himmerlich, Jörg Pezoldt
Abstract:Epitaxial graphene was grown on Si-face 4H-SiC. A SiC pretreatment with a carbon cap¬ping technique was used as well as slow heating rates...
Authors: D. Kurt Gaskill, Jennifer K. Hite, James C. Culbertson, Glenn G. Jernigan, Joseph L. Tedesco, Luke O. Nyakiti, Virginia D. Wheeler, Rachael L. Myers-Ward, N.Y. Garces, Charles R. Eddy
Abstract:The growth of epitaxial graphene on C-face 6H-SiC substrates is investigated using pro-cess conditions that can form small, local areas of...
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