Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2010

Volumes 679-680

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Reza Ghandi, Benedetto Buono, Martin Domeij, Carl Mikael Zetterling, Mikael Östling

Abstract: In this work, implantation-free 4H-SiC bipolar transistors with two-zone etched-JTE and improved surface passivation are fabricated. This...

Authors: Jian Hui Zhang, Jian H. Zhao, Xiao Hui Wang, Xue Qing Li, Leonid Fursin, Petre Alexandrov, Mari Anne Gagliardi, Mike Lange, Christopher Dries

Abstract: This paper reports our recent study on 4H-SiC power bipolar junction transistors (BJTs) with deep mesa edge termination. 1200 V – 10 A...

Authors: Yu Zhu Li, Wei Jiang Ni, Zhe Yang Li, Yun Li, Chen Chen, Xiao Jian Chen

Abstract: 600V-30A 4H-SiC Junction Barrier Schottky(JBS)diodes were designed and fabricated using SiC epitaxy and device technology. SiC JBS diodes...

Authors: Katsunori Asano, Koji Nakayama, Yoichi Miyanagi, Atsushi Tanaka, Masahiko Nishimura, Toru Izumi, Shuuji Ogata, Toshihiko Hayashi

Abstract: The measured turn-off waveforms of 4.5 kV SiCGTs by using electron irradiation with various electron doses are reported. The turn-off time...

Authors: Georg Tolstoy, Dimosthenis Peftitsis, Jacek Rabkowski, Hans Peter Nee

Abstract: A 4.1x4.1mm2, 100mΩ 1,2kV lateral channel vertical junction field effect transistor (LCVJFET) built in silicon carbide (SiC) from SiCED, to...

Authors: David T. Clark, Ewan P. Ramsay, A.E. Murphy, Dave A. Smith, Robin. F. Thompson, R.A.R. Young, Jennifer D. Cormack, C. Zhu, S. Finney, John Fletcher

Abstract: The wide band-gap of Silicon Carbide (SiC) makes it a material suitable for high temperature integrated circuits [1], potentially operating...

Authors: Zachary Stum, Vinayak Tilak, Peter A. Losee, Emad A. Andarawis, Cheng Po Chen

Abstract: MOSFET-based integrated circuits were fabricated on silicon carbide (SiC) substrates. SiC devices can operate at much higher temperatures...

Authors: Martin Le-Huu, Michael Grieb, Frederik F. Schrey, H. Schmitt, Volker Haeublein, Anton J. Bauer, Heiner Ryssel, Lothar Frey

Abstract: The suitability of normally-off 4H-SiC MOSFETs for high temperature operation in logic gates is investigated. Fowler-Nordheim analysis shows...

Authors: Shinji Sato, Kohei Matsui, Yusuke Zushi, Yoshinori Murakami, Satoshi Tanimoto, Hiroshi Sato, Hiroshi Yamaguchi

Abstract: A forced-air-cooled three-phase inverter built with SiC-JFETs and -SBDs as power semi-conductor devices was designed and fabricated. The...

Authors: Rolf Gerlach, Roland Rupp, Peter Türkes, Ralf Otremba

Abstract: In this paper we compare the thermal behavior of identical SiC Schottky diodes mounted in i) a standard TO220 package (TO220) with...


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