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Authors: Helge Malmbekk, Lasse Vines, Edouard V. Monakhov, Bengt Gunnar Svensson
Chapter 5: Point Defects in Si
Abstract:Interaction between hydrogen (H) and irradiation induced defects in p-type silicon (Si) have been studied in H implanted pn-junctions, using...
Authors: Zhen Hui Wang, Xiang Yang Ma, De Ren Yang
Chapter 6: Extended Defects
Abstract:Oxygen precipitation (OP) and annihilation of voids in heavily phosphorus (P)-doped Czochralski (Cz) silicon have been investigated. It was...
Authors: John D. Murphy, Karsten Bothe, Rafael Krain, Massimiliano Olmo, Vladimir V. Voronkov, Robert J. Falster
Chapter 6: Extended Defects
Abstract:Transient and quasi-steady-state photoconductance methods were used to measure minority carrier lifetime in p-type Czochralski silicon...
Authors: Kevin Lauer, Martin Herms, Anett Grochocki, Joachim Bollmann
Chapter 6: Extended Defects
Abstract:The impact of slip dislocations on the interstitial iron distribution in as-grown CZ silicon wafers is investigated by calibrated MWPCD...
Authors: V. Vladimir Privezentsev, Pavel N. Chernykh, Dmitrii V. Petrov
Chapter 6: Extended Defects
Abstract:There are investigated the structural properties of 64Zn+ ion-beam induced nano-size voids in as implanted and...
Authors: A.B. Nadtochiy, Oleg Korotchenkov, Markus Drapalik, Viktor Schlosser
Chapter 6: Extended Defects
Abstract:Effects of a kHz-frequency ultrasonic cleaning of silicon wafers on free carrier lifetimes and the photovoltage magnitude are addressed. It...
Authors: Rashid R. Fahrtdinov, Olga V. Feklisova, Maxim V. Grigoriev, Dmitry V. Irzhak, Dmitry V. Roshchupkin, Eugene B. Yakimov
Chapter 6: Extended Defects
Abstract:It is shown that the X-ray beam induced current method (XBIC) can be realized at the laboratory X-ray source using the polycapillary x-ray...
Authors: Anton Bondarenko, Oleg Vyvenko, Iliya Kolevatov, Ivan Isakov, Oleg Kononchuk
Chapter 7: Defects and Interfaces
Abstract:The dislocation-related luminescence (DRL) in the vicinity of D1 band (0.8 eV) in hydrophilically bonded n- and p-type silicon wafers is...
Authors: Maria Luisa Polignano, Davide Codegoni, Luca Castellano, Stefano Greco, Gabriella Borionetti, Francesco Bonoli, Andreas Nutsch, Roswitha Altmann, Andreas Liebold, Michael Otto, Paolo Monge, Caterina Riva
Chapter 7: Defects and Interfaces
Abstract:Methods for the analysis of the oxide-silicon interface were compared for their ability to reveal metal segregation at the interface and...
Authors: Xiang Yang Ma, Li Ming Fu, De Ren Yang
Chapter 7: Defects and Interfaces
Abstract:Oxygen precipitation (OP) behaviors were investigated for Czochralski (Cz) silicon wafers, which were coated with silicon nitride (SiNx)...
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