Gettering and Defect Engineering in Semiconductor Technology XIV

Volumes 178-179

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Vladimir Vdovin, Oleg Vyvenko, Evgenii Ubyivovk, Oleg Kononchuk

Abstract: Structures of Si(001) hydrofillic bonded wafers have been studied by transmission electron microscopy. Model of three-fold nods generation...

Authors: Daniel Kropman, Enn Mellikov, Tiit Kärner, Tõnu Laas, Arthur Medvid, Pavels Onufrijevs, Edvins Dauksta

Abstract: The results of the investigation of stresses relaxation by strain by means of EPR spectra, IR absorption spectra, SEM and samples deflection...

Authors: Daniel Kropman, Enn Mellikov, Tiit Kärner, Ivo Heinmaa, Tõnu Laas, Charalampos A. Londos, Andrzej Misiuk

Abstract: The results of an investigation of the point defects (PD) generation, redistribution and interaction with impurities in the...

Authors: Ivan Starkov, Stanislav Tyaginov, Hubert Enichlmair, Jong Mun Park, Hajdin Ceric, Tibor Grasser

Abstract: The interface state density profile for an unstressed transistor has been carefully extracted. The experimental evidence of profile...

Authors: Michael Seibt, Philipp Saring, Philipp Hahne, Linda Stolze, M.A. Falkenberg, Carsten Rudolf, Doaa Abdelbarey, Henning Schuhmann

Abstract: This contribution summarizes recent efforts to apply transmission electron microscopy (TEM) techniques to recombination-active extended...

Authors: Yana Gurimskaya, Daniel Mathiot, Abdelmadjid Mesli

Abstract: We report on the electronic properties of Fe and Cr in n-type germanium using conventional and Laplace DLTS techniques, which in the case of...

Authors: Matthias Allardt, Vladimir Kolkovsky, Sabine Kolodinski, Nikolay V. Abrosimov, K. Irmscher, Paul Clauws, Jörg Weber, Kai Zuber

Abstract: Photoluminescence from excitons bound to shallow donors or acceptors was studied in Al-, As-, B-, Ga- and P-doped Ge. Excitons bound to Al...

Authors: Tatiana S. Perova, B.M. Armstrong, Joanna Wasyluk, P. Baine, Paul Rainey, S.J.N. Mitchell, D.W. McNeill, H.S. Gamble, R. Hurley

Abstract: The technology for thin Ge layer transfer by hydrogen ion-cut process is characterised in this work. Experiments were carried out to...

Authors: Maxim Trushin, O.F. Vyvenko, Winfried Seifert, André Klossek, Ivo Zizak, Martin Kittler

Abstract: The results of investigations of solar grade mc-Si by means of combination of scanning X-ray beam excited optical luminescence microscopy...

Authors: Maulid Kivambe, Gaute Stokkan, Torunn Ervik, Birgit Ryningen, Otto Lohne

Abstract: A crystal is known to achieve lower energy if lattice dislocations are re-arranged in arrays forming a sub-grain boundary through a recovery...


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