Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2004

Volumes 483-485

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Masashi Kato, Shun Ichiro Tanaka, Masaya Ichimura, Eisuke Arai, Shun-ichi Nakamura, Tsunenobu Kimoto
Authors: Vitalii V. Kozlovski, Elena V. Bogdanova, Valentin V. Emtsev, Konstantin V. Emtsev, Alexander A. Lebedev, V.N. Lomasov

Abstract: A comparison study of radiation damage in n-type silicon grown by the floating zone technique and n-type silicon carbide grown by the...

Authors: A. Lo Giudice, P. Oliveira, F. Fizzotti, Claudio Manfredotti, E. Vittone, Stefano Bianco, Giuseppe Bertuccio, R. Casiraghi, M. Jaksic

Abstract: The damage produced by 2 MeV protons on a 4H-SiC Schottky diode has been investigated by monitoring the charge collection efficiency as the...

Authors: Peter J. Wellmann, Ralf Müller, Michel Pons, Aurelie Thuaire, Alexandre Crisci, Michel Mermoux, Laurent Auvray

Abstract: We have studied the application of optical techniques for the determination of the spatial distribution of electronic properties of highly...

Authors: Michael S. Mazzola, Swapna G. Sunkari, Janice Mazzola, Hrishikesh Das, Galyna Melnychuck, Yaroslav Koshka, Jeffery L. Wyatt, Jie Zhang

Abstract: Room temperature Fourier Transform Infrared Reflection Spectroscopy (FTIR) was used to investigate the thickness and Free Carrier...

Authors: Julien Pernot, Sylvie Contreras, Jean Camassel, Jean-Louis Robert

Abstract: We report a detailed investigation of the electrical properties of p-type 4H-SiC. In the range 100 K-800 K we show that, both, the...

Authors: R.J. Kumar, Peter A. Losee, Can Hua Li, Joseph Seiler, I. Bhat, T. Paul Chow, J.M. Borrego, Ronald J. Gutmann

Abstract: A Microwave Photoconductivity Decay (M-PCD) technique which senses changes insample conductivity as carriers recombine following excitation...

Authors: L. Storasta, R. Aleksiejūnas, M. Sūdžius, Arunas Kadys, T. Malinauskas, Kęstutis Jarašiūnas, Björn Magnusson, Erik Janzén

Abstract: We applied four-wave mixing (FWM) technique for investigation of high temperaturechemical vapour deposition (HTCVD) grown 4H-SiC samples...

Authors: K. Neimontas, R. Aleksiejūnas, M. Sūdžius, Kęstutis Jarašiūnas, Peder Bergman

Abstract: We applied picosecond four-wave mixing technique to investigate carrier diffusion and recombination in n-type 4H-SiC epilayers. The...

Authors: Sergey A. Reshanov, Gerhard Pensl

Abstract: Minority carrier (hole) lifetime investigations are conducted on identical 6H-SiC p+-n structures by electrical (reverse recovery, open...


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