Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2004

Volumes 483-485

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Phillippe Godignon, Christophe Jacquier, Servane Blanqué, Josep Montserrat, Gabriel Ferro, Sylvie Contreras, Marcin Zielinski, Yves Monteil
Authors: R.R Ciechonski, Samuele Porro, Mikael Syväjärvi, Rositza Yakimova

Abstract: Specific on-resistance Ron estimated from current density-voltage characteristics of Schottky diodes on thick layers exhibits variations...

Authors: Francesco La Via, Fabrizio Roccaforte, Salvatore Di Franco, Alfonso Ruggiero, L. Neri, Ricardo Reitano, Lucia Calcagno, Gaetano Foti, Marco Mauceri, Stefano Leone, Giuseppe Pistone, Giuseppe Abbondanza, Gian Luca Valente, Danilo Crippa

Abstract: The effects of the Si/H2 ratio on the growth of the epitaxial layer and on the epitaxial defects was studied in detail. A large increase of...

Authors: Carsten Rockstuhl, H.P. Herzig, Christian Förster, André Leycuras, Oliver Ambacher, Jörg Pezoldt

Abstract: The fabrication process and the spectral properties of gratings for the infrared wavelength region on the basis of 3C-SiC layers grown by...

Authors: Aurelie Thuaire, Michel Mermoux, Alexandre Crisci, Nicolas Camara, Edwige Bano, Francis Baillet, Etienne Pernot

Abstract: Structural defects in SiC crystals were investigated and 4H-SiC pin devices were characterized by micro-Raman scattering and photoemission....

Authors: Michael Krieger, Gerhard Pensl, Mietek Bakowski, Adolf Schöner, Hiroyuki Nagasawa, Masayuki Abe

Abstract: Temperature-dependent Hall effect investigations in the channel of lateral 3C-SiC LDDMOSFETs with nitrogen(N)-implanted source/drain...

Authors: Holger Schmitt, Ralf Müller, Manfred Maier, Albrecht Winnacker, Peter J. Wellmann

Abstract: Several SiC bulk crystals were grown with erbium and ytterbium as doping materials. Erbium contents determined by secondary ion mass...

Authors: Marcin Zielinski, Carole Balloud, Sandrine Juillaguet, Bernard Boyer, Veronique Soulière, Jean Camassel

Abstract: Recently, a systematic comparison of SIMS measurements with LTPL (Low Temperature Photoluminescence) spectra led us to propose a...

Authors: T. Acartürk, Kurt Semmelroth, Gerhard Pensl, Stephen E. Saddow, Ulrich Starke

Abstract: The concentration of nitrogen and phosphorous in SiC bulk material and epitaxial layers was investigated using time-of-flight secondary ion...

Authors: Peter Deák

Abstract: SiC technology is presently still burdened by a number of problems caused by process- or operation-induced defects. Experimental materials...


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