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Authors: J.M. Goodson, R. Nagarajan
Authors: K. Xu, S. Pichler, Kurt Wostyn, G. Cado, C. Springer, Glenn W. Gale, Michael Dalmer, Paul W. Mertens, Twan Bearda, E. Gaulhofer, D. Podlesnik
Abstract:As the dimensions of the structures of integrated circuits shrink, the influence of particles on device yield becomes increasingly important....
Authors: Pi Chun Yu, Cheng Kuen Chen, Jin Lang Lin, Chih Ning Wu, Hiroshi Matsuo
Abstract:In the conventional wet cleaning process of contact holes landing on the Si substrate and WSi metal gate, the ILD BPTEOS bowing and CD...
Authors: Michael T. Andreas, Kurt Wostyn, Masayuki Wada, Tom Janssens, Karine Kenis, Twan Bearda, Paul W. Mertens
Abstract:High velocity aerosol cleaning using ultrapure water or dilute aqueous solutions (e.g. dilute ammonia) is common in semiconductor IC...
Authors: Masao Watanabe, Toshiyuki Sanada, Atsushi Hayashida, Yoichi Isago
Abstract:A novel cleaning technique using steam-water mixed spray is proposed. Relatively low-pressure super-purified steam (0.1 MPa - 0.2 MPa) is...
Authors: Tae Gon Kim, Kurt Wostyn, Jin Goo Park, Paul W. Mertens, Ahmed A. Busnaina
Abstract:The removal of particles from silicon wafers without pattern damage during fabrication process is extremely important for increasing the...
Authors: Ken Finster, Robert Small, Andrea Belz, John Mahoney, Julius Perel, Jian Gong
Abstract:Conventional cleaning technologies have been effective in removal of particles, metals, and organic films. However, two trends motivating...
Authors: Kurt Wostyn, Tae Gon Kim, Paul W. Mertens, Jin Goo Park
Abstract:When a physical cleaning technology, such as megasonic and high-velocity-liquid aerosol cleaning, is considered for the removal of particles...
Authors: D. Martin Knotter, Romuald Roucou, Rémi Peyrin
Abstract:Removal of particles from substrate wafers is one of the challenges in semiconductor industry. For this end, processes and equipment are...
Authors: Faisal Wali, D. Martin Knotter, Twan Bearda, Paul W. Mertens
Abstract:In many process steps of integrated circuits (IC’s) fabrication, silicon wafers are coming in contact with process liquids such as ultra pure...
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