Ultra Clean Processing of Semiconductor Surfaces IX

Volumes 145-146

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/SSP.145-146

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Authors: Martin Lommel, Philipp Hönicke, Michael Kolbe, Matthias Müller, Falk Reinhardt, Pit Möbus, Eric Mankel, Burkhard Beckhoff, Bernd O. Kolbesen

Abstract: The formation of self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) by specific organic molecules with appropriate anchor groups on semiconductor surfaces may...

Authors: Kenichi Sano, Masayuki Wada, Frederik E. Leys, Roger Loo, Andriy Hikavyy, Paul W. Mertens, James Snow, Akira Izumi, Katsuhiko Miya, Atsuro Eitoku

Abstract: Strained silicon engineering was first used at the 90-nm node. Nowadays, a series of techniques has seen wide-spread use and many...

Authors: Roger Loo, Andriy Hikavyy, Frederik E. Leys, Masayuki Wada, Kenichi Sano, Brecht De Vos, Antoine Pacco, Mireia Bargallo Gonzalez, Eddy Simoen, Peter Verheyen, Wendy Vanherle, Matty Caymax

Abstract: Several device concepts have been further evaluated after the successful implementation of epitaxial Si, SiGe and/or Si:C layers. Most of...

Authors: Andrea E. Pap, Zsolt Nényei, Gábor Battistig, István Bársony

Abstract: The well known wet chemical treatments of the silicon surface and its native oxidation in air cause a high density of interface states,...

Authors: Yoshiya Hagimoto, Hayato Iwamoto, Yasushi Honbe, Takuro Fukunaga, Hitoshi Abe

Abstract: While batch wafer cleaning processes have been conventionally used in the semiconductor manufacturing for many years, the use of single...

Authors: Rui Hasebe, Akinobu Teramoto, Tomoyuki Suwa, Rihito Kuroda, Shigetoshi Sugawa, Tadahiro Ohmi

Abstract: With a progress of device dimension miniaturization, an ultraclean wafer surface is continuously increasing its importance crucial for high...

Authors: Gyu Hyun Kim, Soon Young Park, Seung Seok Pyo, Ji Hye Han, Jung Nam Kim, Kee Joon Oh, Choon Kun Ryu, Yong Soo Choi, Noh Jung Kwak, Sung Ki Park

Abstract: As a design rule of memory devices is scaled down to sub-100 nm, shallow trench isolation (STI) technology is faced with gap-filling problem...

Authors: Annamaria Votta, Francesco Pipia, S. Borsari, Enrica Ravizza, Alice C. Elbaz, Mauro Alessandri, Enrico Bellandi, C. Bresolin

Abstract: Tungsten is a metal widely used for interconnections. As a consequence of more stringent requirements in terms of aspect ratio deriving from...

Authors: Sonja Sioncke, David P. Brunco, Marc Meuris, Olivier Uwamahoro, Jan Van Steenbergen, Evi Vrancken, Marc M. Heyns

Abstract: The Si transistor has dominated the semiconductor industry for decades. However, to fulfill the demands of Moore’s law, the Si transistor...

Authors: Farid Sebaai, Jose Ignacio Del Agua Borniquel, Rita Vos, Philippe Absil, Thomas Chiarella, Christa Vrancken, Pieter Boelen, Evans Baiya

Abstract: With the continuous down scaling features sizes, the need of speed increase and power consumption reduction start to be more and more...


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