Ultra Clean Processing of Semiconductor Surfaces IX

Volumes 145-146

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/SSP.145-146

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Authors: Lucile Broussous, W. Puyrenier, D. Rebiscoul, V. Rouessac, A. Ayral

Abstract: In this study, the compatibility of "HF-Based" cleaning with porous low-k integration, and “pore-sealing” approach was investigated, and...

Authors: In Gu Song, Christopher Timmons, Galit Levitin, Dennis W. Hess

Abstract: Approximately 20% of the processing steps in integrated circuit (IC) fabrication involve surface cleaning and removal of photoresist and...

Authors: Mathias Guder, Maren Pellowska, Maximilian Pohland, Michael Dalmer, Bernd O. Kolbesen

Abstract: This work deals with the application of ozonated water for the BEOL stripping of DUV-resists. For this purpose analytical techniques for the...

Authors: Tomoko Suzuki, Atsushi Otake, Tomoko Aoki

Abstract: At 32nm and below the integration of extreme low-k dielectrics (ELK) with a permittivity of 2.2 or lower will require considerable process...

Authors: Nicole Ahner, Matthias Schaller, Christin Bartsch, Eugene Baryschpolec, Stefan E. Schulz

Abstract: The removal of plasma etch residues by wet cleaning is an alternative or additional process to plasma processes, which are known to degrade...

Authors: Quoc Toan Le, Els Kesters, L. Prager, Martine Claes, Marcel Lux, Guy Vereecke

Abstract: In Back-End-of-Line processing, the remaining photoresist layer after plasma etch is traditionally removed using a plasma process. Plasma...

Authors: Hidekazu Okamoto, Hideo Namatsu

Abstract: The development of new functional cleaning agents is strongly required for leading-edge LSI fabrication, such as resist removal process...

Authors: Jung Shik Heo, Jun Hwan Oh, Hong Jae Shin, Nae In Lee

Abstract: Copper has been widely used as the interconnect material for integrated circuits because of the good electrical conductivity and electron...

Authors: D.W. Tee, S.M. Francis, N.V. Richardson, Chris Reid, Larry McGhee

Abstract: Iminodiacetic acid (IMDA), NH(CH2CO2H)2, whose molecular structure is shown in figure 1, is a small molecule but has a very large scope for...

Authors: Mark Robson, Kristin A. Fletcher, Ping Jiang, Michael B. Korzenski, A. Upham, T. Haigh Jr., Thomas J.C. Hsieh

Abstract: In semiconductor processing, test wafers are used as particle monitors, film thickness monitors for deposition and oxide growth...


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