Ultra Clean Processing of Semiconductor Surfaces IX

Volumes 145-146

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/SSP.145-146

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Authors: Davide Codegoni, Maria Luisa Polignano, Daniele Caputo, Andrea Riva, Emmanuel Blot, David Coulon, Philippe Maillot, Nicolas Pic

Abstract: In this paper, a case of molybdenum contamination from wet cleaning is discussed, and various techniques are compared for their ability to...

Authors: Akshey Sehgal, Hsin Hsiung Huang, Jamal Ramdani, Jeffrey Klatt, Craig Printy, Scott Ruby, Todd Thibeault

Abstract: This work details the investigation of potential problems in Complimentary BiCMOS technology, especially PNP transistors arrays. Optical...

Authors: Ingrid Rink, Faisal Wali, D. Martin Knotter

Abstract: The impact of metal-ion contamination (present on wafer surface before oxidation) on gate oxide integrity (GOI) is well known in literature,...

Authors: Michael Otto, Andreas Leibold, Lars Wulf, Matthias Hurlebaus, Lothar Pfitzner

Abstract: As a result of shrinking dimensions and technology nodes, nanoelectronics manufacturing and handling processes demand growing requirements...

Authors: Philippe Maquin, Hisanori Kambara

Abstract: With decreasing critical size of micro-electronic fabrication imposed by ITRS today, Front Opening Unified Pod (FOUP) has been designed to...

Authors: Hervé Fontaine, Sylviane Cetre, Marc Veillerot, Adrien Danel

Abstract: Today, the use of Pods or FOUPs (Front Opening Universal Pod) in IC manufacturing leads to specific molecular contamination issues related...

Authors: Jung Min Oh, Jeong Nam Han, Kun Tack Lee, Chang Ki Hong, Woo Sung Han, Joo Tae Moon, Jin Goo Park

Abstract: The present work reports a method to prevent the condensation defects on contact hole patterns by improving the rinsing process after a dry...

Authors: John Niccoli, Matt Cogrono, Michelle Eastlack, Dave McCane, Craig Carlson, Erik Young, Dave Chapek

Abstract: The interaction between photo resist and highly polymerizing dry etch chemistries results in the deposition of fluoropolymers on the bevel...

Authors: Yannick Borde, Adrien Danel, A. Roche, Hervé Fontaine, C. Brych

Abstract: After technical results presented the last two years and new results on volatile contamination, this paper reviews the contamination...

Authors: Willy Rachmady, James Blackwell, Gilbert Dewey, Mantu Hudait, Marko Radosavljevic, Robert Turkot Jr., Robert Chau

Abstract: III-V compound semiconductors have been recognized among the potential options for continuing transistor power-performance scaling owing to...


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