Gettering and Defect Engineering in Semiconductor Technology XIII

Volumes 156-158

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: P. Saring, C. Rudolf, L. Stolze, A. Falkenberg, Michael Seibt

Abstract: We report on a light-beam-induced current (LBIC)-analysis of metal silicide defects arising from co-precipitation of copper and nickel in...

Authors: Hannes Grillenberger, Andreas Magerl

Abstract: Oxygen precipitation in silicon has been studied in-situ by high energy X-ray diffraction. A gain of diffracted intensity is expected if an...

Authors: M. Pellowska, D. Possner, D. Kot, G. Kissinger, Bernd O. Kolbesen

Abstract: Chromium-free preferential etching techniques in combination with light optical microscopy were compared with the non-destructive Laser...

Authors: V.G. Litovchenko, Andrey V. Sarikov, A.A. Evtukh

Abstract: In this paper, the influence of the gettering treatment on the distribution of diffusion length of minority charge carriers in...

Authors: N.Yu. Arutyunov, Valentin V. Emtsev, Reinhard Krause-Rehberg

Abstract: The electron momentum distribution and microstructure of centers incorporating a vacancy (vacancies) and a group-V-impurity atom (P, As, Sb,...

Authors: Jun Chen, Takashi Sekiguchi, Masami Takase, Naoki Fukata, Ryu Hasunuma, Kikuo Yamabe, Motoyuki Sato, Keisaku Yamada, Toyohiro Chikyo

Abstract: We report a dynamic and microscopic investigation of electrical stress induced defects in metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) devices with...

Authors: P. Zaumseil, A. Giussani, O. Seifarth, Tzanimir Arguirov, M.A. Schubert, T. Schroeder

Abstract: Silicon and germanium films epitaxially grown on metal oxide buffer layers on Si(111) substrates are characterized by different X-ray...

Authors: Sergei K. Brantov, A.V. Eltzov, Olga V. Feklisova, Eugene B. Yakimov

Abstract: Characterization of defect structure in silicon ribbon grown on carbon foil has been carried out. The structure of grown Si layers and a...

Authors: Audrey Hémel, Alain Jacques, Thomas Schenk, Tomáš Kruml

Abstract: A new bulge test device has been built, with the aim to perform mechanical tests on membranes with a thickness in the 100 nm to 10 µm range,...

Authors: M. Holla, Tzanimir Arguirov, G. Jia, Martin Kittler, C. Frank-Rotsch, F.M. Kiessling, P. Rudolph

Abstract: Germanium is an attractive model system for studying the crystallization mechanism and optimization of the growth processes in...


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