Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2007

Volumes 600-603

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hirokatsu Yashiro, Tatsuo Fujimoto, Noboru Ohtani, Taizo Hoshino, Masakazu Katsuno, Takashi Aigo, Hiroshi Tsuge, Masashi Nakabayashi, Hosei Hirano, Kohei Tatsumi

Abstract: The development of lapping and polishing technologies for SiC single crystal wafers has realized the fabrication of an extremely flat SiC...

Authors: Kazutoshi Hotta, Kenji Hirose, Yayoi Tanaka, Kenji Kawata, Osamu Eryu

Abstract: To use SiC substrate as a semiconductor device and epitaxial growth, the surface of SiC substrate should be made smooth at an atomic level...

Authors: Kung Yen Lee, Wen Zhou Chen, Michael A. Capano

Abstract: In this article, the correlation of surface morphological defects and barrier-height inhomogeneities with the electrical characteristics of...

Authors: Joon Ho An, Gi Sub Lee, Won Jae Lee, Byoung Chul Shin, Jung Doo Seo, Kap Ryeol Ku, Heon Decok Seo, Hae Do Jeong

Abstract: 2inch 6H-SiC (0001) wafers were sliced from the ingot grown by a conventional physical vapor transport (PVT) method using an abrasive...

Authors: Takeshi Okamoto, Yasuhisa Sano, Hideyuki Hara, Kenta Arima, Keita Yagi, Junji Murata, Hidekazu Mimura, Kazuto Yamauchi

Abstract: We report a damage-free and efficient planarization process for silicon carbide (SiC) using platinum as a catalyst in hydrofluoric acid...

Authors: Michael L. White, Stan Reggie, Nevin Naguib, Kenneth Nicholson, Jeffrey Gilliland, Alicia Walters

Abstract: The influence of the chemical mechanical planarization process on the 4o off-axis 4HN SiC removal rate for silicon carbide slurry produced...

Authors: Takehiro Kato, Yasuhisa Sano, Hideyuki Hara, Hidekazu Mimura, Kazuya Yamamura, Kazuto Yamauchi

Abstract: Beveling is essential for preventing the chipping of the edge of a wafer during surface polishing and other processes. Plasma chemical...

Authors: Yasuhisa Sano, Masayo Watanabe, Takehiro Kato, Kazuya Yamamura, Hidekazu Mimura, Kazuto Yamauchi

Abstract: Silicon carbide (SiC) is a promising semiconductor material for power devices. However, it is extremely hard and chemically stable; thus...

Authors: Satarou Yamaguchi, Toshiya Noro, Hideaki Takahashi, Hideyoshi Majima, Yoshihisa Nagao, Katsuhiko Ishikawa, You Zhou, Tomohisa Kato

Abstract: In order to cut the ingots and slabs of the silicon carbide (SiC), we developed the new method of electric discharge machining (EDM). EDM...

Authors: Tomohisa Kato, Toshiya Noro, Hideaki Takahashi, Satarou Yamaguchi, Kazuo Arai

Abstract: In this study, we report electric discharge machining (EDM) as a new cutting method for silicon carbide (SiC) single crystals. Moreover, we...


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