Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2007

Volumes 600-603

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kazuki Nomoto, Masataka Satoh, Tohru Nakamura

Abstract: It is demonstrated that Si ion implantation is useful to fabricate GaN/AlGaN/GaN HEMTs with extremely low gate leakage current and low...

Authors: Mitsuaki Shimizu, Masaki Inada, Shuichi Yagi, Akira Nakajima, Hajime Okumura, Akinori Ubukata, Yoshiki Yano, Nakao Akutsu

Abstract: The current collapse of normally-off mode AlGaN/GaN/AlGaN double heterojunction field effect transistors was investigated in comparison...

Authors: Shuichi Yagi, Mitsuaki Shimizu, Yoshiki Yano, Akinori Ubukata, Nakao Akutsu

Abstract: We investigated the current collapse characteristics of the fabricated MIS-HEMT with the SiO2, SiN and high-k gate insulator. TiO2 was...

Authors: Young Hwan Choi, Ji Yong Lim, Kyu Heon Cho, In Hwan Ji, Min Koo Han

Abstract: The effect of ohmic contact location on the buffer leakage current of AlGaN/GaN heterostructure was investigated and the AlGaN/GaN HEMT...

Authors: Fabrizio Roccaforte, Ferdinando Iucolano, Filippo Giannazzo, Salvatore Di Franco, Valeria Puglisi, Vito Raineri

Abstract: In this work, the electrical properties of Pt/GaN Schottky contacts were studied. The temperature dependence of the barrier height and...

Authors: Akira Nakajima, Shuichi Yagi, Mitsuaki Shimizu, Hajime Okumura

Abstract: The effect of AlGaN surface traps on breakdown voltage VB and drain current collapse in AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors...

Authors: Kazuyuki Hirama, Yoshikatsu Jingu, Masaru Ichikawa, Hitoshi Umezawa, Hiroshi Kawarada

Abstract: We fabricated diamond MISFETs on polycrystalline films using alumina gate insulator. A hole accumulation layer has been utilized as hole...

Authors: Nobuteru Tsubouchi, M. Ogura, H. Watanabe, Akiyoshi Chayahara, Hideyo Okushi

Abstract: Multiple P or S hot ion implantation to diamond substrates was performed at 800°C. Optical absorption spectra indicated that instantaneous...

Authors: Keiko Inoue, Takeshi Nakagawa, Masanobu Yoshikawa, Noriyuki Hasuike, Hiroshi Harima
Authors: K. Kuriyama, K. Matsumoto, M. Ooi, K. Kushida

Abstract: Multiple-energy nitrogen ions (energies:1 to 100 keV and a net concentration:2.24 x 1020 cm-3) are implanted into ZnO bulk single crystals...


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