Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2008

Volumes 615-617

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rudolf Elpelt, Peter Friedrichs, J. Hippeli, Reinhold Schörner, Michael Treu, Peter Türkes

Abstract: After the successful introduction of silicon carbide Schottky-Barrier diodes in 2001, next commercial devices will be switching components....

Authors: Konstantin Vassilevski, Irina P. Nikitina, Alton B. Horsfall, Nicolas G. Wright, Anthony G. O'Neill, Russell Gwilliam, C. Mark Johnson

Abstract: Buried gate static induction transistors (BGSITs) were fabricated on commercial 4H-SiC wafer with 20 m thick n-type epilayer having a net...

Authors: Koji Yano, Yasunori Tanaka, Tsutomu Yatsuo, Akio Takatsuka, Kazuo Arai

Abstract: Short-circuit capabilities of silicon carbide static induction transistors with the buried gate structures (BGSITs) have been measured for...

Authors: Sei Hyung Ryu, Sarit Dhar, Sarah K. Haney, Anant K. Agarwal, Aivars J. Lelis, Bruce Geil, Charles Scozzie

Abstract: In this paper, we present the effects of MOS channel processing on the threshold voltage and the MOS field effect mobility of 4H-SiC...

Authors: Brett A. Hull, Charlotte Jonas, Sei Hyung Ryu, Mrinal K. Das, Michael J. O'Loughlin, Fatima Husna, Robert Callanan, Jim Richmond, Anant K. Agarwal, John W. Palmour, Charles Scozzie

Abstract: Large area (8 mm x 7 mm) 1200 V 4H-SiC DMOSFETs with a specific on-resistance as low as 9 m•cm2 (at VGS = 20 V) able to conduct 60 A at a...

Authors: Yuichiro Nanen, Hironori Yoshioka, Masato Noborio, Jun Suda, Tsunenobu Kimoto

Abstract: 4H-SiC (0001) MOSFETs with a three-dimensional gate structure, which has a top channel on the (0001) face and side-wall channels on the...

Authors: Masato Noborio, Jun Suda, Tsunenobu Kimoto

Abstract: SiC lateral double RESURF MOSFETs have been fabricated on the 4H-SiC (000-1)C face. By utilizing the C face, the channel resistance can be...

Authors: Antonella Poggi, Francesco Moscatelli, Sandro Solmi, Roberta Nipoti, Fabrizio Tamarri, G. Pizzochero

Abstract: The electrical characteristics of MOSFETs fabricated on 4H-SiC with a process based on N implantation in the channel region before the...

Authors: Sergey A. Reshanov, Svetlana Beljakowa, Thomas Frank, Bernd Zippelius, Michael Krieger, Gerhard Pensl, Masato Noborio, Tsunenobu Kimoto

Abstract: Conventional MOSFETs and Hall-bar MOSFETs are fabricated side by side by over-oxidation of N-implanted or N-/Al-coimplanted 4H-SiC layers....

Authors: Daniel B. Habersat, Aivars J. Lelis, Siddharth Potbhare, Neil Goldsman

Abstract: In order to improve Silicon Carbide MOSFET device performance, it is important to minimize the on-state losses by improving the effective...


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