Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2008

Volumes 615-617

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Eugene A. Imhoff, Fritz J. Kub, Karl D. Hobart

Abstract: In silicon carbide devices used above around 2.4 kV, effective anode edge termination usually requires a high-resolution floating guard ring...

Authors: Sombel Diaham, Marie Laure Locatelli, Thierry Lebey, Christophe Raynaud, Mihai Lazar, Heu Vang, Dominique Planson

Abstract: A polyimide (PI) has been used for the passivation of maximum 7.8 kV 4H-SiC P+N–N+ (PiN) diodes with a 60 µm-thick base epilayer and a...

Authors: Sergey A. Reshanov, Wolfgang Bartsch, Bernd Zippelius, Gerhard Pensl

Abstract: Lifetime measurements are performed on 4H-SiC pin power diodes (6.5 kV). The lifetime values in the base range from 1.1 s to 2.1 s; these...

Authors: Nicolas Dheilly, Dominique Planson, Pierre Brosselard, Jawad ul Hassan, Pascal Bevilacqua, Dominique Tournier, Josep Montserrat, Christophe Raynaud, Hervé Morel

Abstract: This paper reports on the influence of temperature on the electrical carrier lifetime of a 3.3 kV 4H-SiC PiN diode processed with a new...

Authors: Takasumi Ohyanagi, Chen Bin, Takashi Sekiguchi, Hirotaka Yamaguchi, Hirofumi Matsuhata

Abstract: The breakdown failure points in the 4H-SiC PiN diodes were analyzed by the electron beam induced current (EBIC). We focused on the failure,...

Authors: Victor Veliadis, Harold Hearne, Ty McNutt, Megan Snook, Paul Potyraj, Charles Scozzie

Abstract: High-voltage vertical-junction-field-effect-transistors (VJFETs) are typically designed normally-on to ensure low-resistance voltage-control...

Authors: Andrew Ritenour, Volodymyr Bondarenko, Robin L. Kelley, David C. Sheridan

Abstract: Prototype 800 V, 47 A enhancement-mode SiC VJFETs have been developed for high temperature operation (250 °C). With an active area of 23 mm2...

Authors: Victor Veliadis, Harold Hearne, Eric J. Stewart, Joshua D. Caldwell, Megan Snook, Ty McNutt, Paul Potyraj, Charles Scozzie

Abstract: Electron-hole recombination-induced stacking faults have been shown to degrade the I-V characteristics of SiC power p-n diodes and DMOSFETs...

Authors: Lin Cheng, Michael S. Mazzola, David C. Sheridan

Abstract: In this work, we report the most recent reliability results of the 1200-V SiC vertical-channel JFETs (VJFETs) under reverse and forward bias...

Authors: Kazuhiro Fujikawa, Kenichi Sawada, Hitoki Tokuda, Hideto Tamaso, Shin Harada, Jiro Shinkai, Takashi Tsuno, Yasuo Namikawa

Abstract: 400V/2.5A 4H-SiC JFETs having a reduced surface field (RESURF) structure were fabricated. Measurements on the on-resistance, blocking and...


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