Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2007

Volumes 600-603

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Taro Nishiguchi, Tomoaki Furusho, Toshiyuki Isshiki, Koji Nishio, Hiromu Shiomi, Shigehiro Nishino

Abstract: 4H-SiC was grown on 4H-SiC (1100) substrates by sublimation boule growth, and transmission electron microscopic investigation was carried...

Authors: Ping Wu, Murugesu Yoganathan, Ilya Zwieback, Yi Chen, Michael Dudley

Abstract: Etching of 4H-SiC wafers in molten KOH as a method for micropipe and dislocation density analysis was investigated. The obtained results...

Authors: D. Matsuoka, H. Yamamoto, Shigehiro Nishino, Noriyuki Hasuike, Kenji Kisoda, Hiroshi Harima

Abstract: We have presented a combined method of microscopic measurements between Raman scattering and polarizing optical microscope to characterize...

Authors: Masakazu Katsuno, Masashi Nakabayashi, Tatsuo Fujimoto, Noboru Ohtani, Hirokatsu Yashiro, Hiroshi Tsuge, Takashi Aigo, Taizo Hoshino, Kohei Tatsumi

Abstract: The stacking fault formation in highly nitrogen-doped n+ 4H-SiC single crystal substrates during high temperature treatment has been...

Authors: Kendrick X. Liu, X. Zhang, Robert E. Stahlbush, Marek Skowronski, Joshua D. Caldwell

Abstract: Material defects such as Si-core and C-core partial dislocations (PDs) and threading screw dislocations (TSDs) and threading edge...

Authors: Norihiro Hoshino, Michio Tajima, M. Naitoh, Eiichi Okuno, Shoichi Onda

Abstract: We investigated the expansion of single Shockley stacking faults (SSFs) in a 4H-SiC epitaxial layer under high-intensity scanning laser...

Authors: Ryuichi Sugie, Masanobu Yoshikawa, Shin Harada, Yasuo Namikawa

Abstract: The influence of electron-beam irradiation on defects in 4H-SiC diode structures was investigated by cathodoluminescence (CL) microscopy...

Authors: Yi Chen, Xian Rong Huang, Ning Zhang, Michael Dudley, Joshua D. Caldwell, Kendrick X. Liu, Robert E. Stahlbush

Abstract: Electron-hole recombination activated Shockley partial dislocations bounding expanding stacking faults and their interactions with...

Authors: Murugesu Yoganathan, Ping Wu, Ilya Zwieback

Abstract: X-ray rocking curve characterization is a relatively fast and nondestructive technique that can be utilized to evaluate the crystal quality...

Authors: Masahiko Aoki, Megumi Miyazaki, Taro Nishiguchi, Hiroyuki Kinoshita, Masahiro Yoshimoto

Abstract: This article describes the analysis of the polytype transformation of SiC ingot. We analyzed the sample by Raman spectroscopy and TEM...


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