Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2007

Volumes 600-603

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: E.R. Glaser, N.Y. Garces, Joshua D. Caldwell, W.E. Carlos, Mary Ellen Zvanut, Björn Magnusson, Darren M. Hansen, Gil Chung, Mark J. Loboda

Abstract: Low temperature infrared photoluminescence (PL) performed on a large set of bulk SiC substrates has revealed distinct series of lines...

Authors: Margareta K. Linnarsson, J. Isberg, Adolf Schöner, Anders Hallén

Abstract: The boron diffusion in three kinds of group IV semiconductors: silicon, silicon carbide and synthetic diamond has been studied by secondary...

Authors: I.G. Atabaev, Chin Che Tin, B.G. Atabaev, T.M. Saliev, E.N. Bakhranov, N.A. Matchanov, S.L. Lutpullaev, J. Zhang, N.G. Saidkhanova, F.R. Yuzikaeva, I. Nuritdinov, A. Kh. Islomov, M.Z. Amanov, Rusli, A. Kumta

Abstract: The characteristics of boron diffusion in 3C-SiC at low temperature have been measured using spreading resistance technique and...

Authors: Anne Henry, Peder Bergman, Erik Janzén

Abstract: We report on the luminescence spectra related to Ti impurity in both 4H- and 6H-SiC polytypes. The spectrum depends strongly on the...

Authors: Michel Kazan, Laurent Ottaviani, Pierre M. Masri

Abstract: We report on the application of introducing gettering sites as an approach to control some phonons and charge carrier related properties in...

Authors: Gary Pennington, C.R. Ashman

Abstract: We report a density functional theory study of N and NO passivation of surface dangling bonds at the Si-face of (0001) 4H-SiC. Results...

Authors: Yuuki Ishida, Tetsuo Takahashi, Hajime Okumura, Kazuo Arai, Sadafumi Yoshida

Abstract: To elucidate the origin of giant step bunching on 4˚ off-axis 4H-SiC (0001) faces, we carried out hydrogen etching and epitaxial growth...

Authors: L. Storasta, Tetsuya Miyazawa, Hidekazu Tsuchida

Abstract: We have studied annealing of the main lifetime limiting defect Z1/2 in thick 4H-SiC epilayers by the application of...

Authors: Rachael L. Myers-Ward, Kok Keong Lew, Brenda L. VanMil, Robert E. Stahlbush, Kendrick X. Liu, Joshua D. Caldwell, Paul B. Klein, Ping Wu, Mohammad Fatemi, Charles R. Eddy, D. Kurt Gaskill

Abstract: X-ray diffraction (XRD) rocking curves were mapped across 4H-SiC, 3-inch, 8° off-cut substrates prior to and after epitaxial growth, where...

Authors: Gil Chung, Mark J. Loboda, M.J. Marinella, D.K. Schroder, Paul B. Klein, Tamara Isaacs-Smith, J.W. Williams

Abstract: Compared to silicon, there have been relatively few comparative studies of recombination and carrier lifetimes in SiC. For the first time,...


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