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Authors: Gil Chung, Mark J. Loboda, M.J. Marninella, D.K. Schroder, Tamara Isaacs-Smith, John R. Williams
Abstract:The pulsed MOS-C (Metal Oxide Semiconductor-Capacitor) technique was used to measure generation lifetimes in 4H-SiC epitaxial wafers. The...
Authors: Gil Chung, Mark J. Loboda, Mike F. MacMillan, Jian Wei Wan
Abstract:Effective recombination lifetimes of 4H-SiC PiN epitaxy wafers are measured by -PCD (microwave photoconductive decay) system at wafer level....
Authors: Amitesh Shrivastava, Paul B. Klein, E.R. Glaser, Joshua D. Caldwell, A.V. Bolotnikov, Tangali S. Sudarshan
Abstract:In this work we report the measurement of minority carrier lifetimes using the time resolved photoluminescence technique. It was found that...
Authors: Laurent Ottaviani, Olivier Palais, Damien Barakel, Marcel Pasquinelli
Abstract:We report on measurements of the minority carrier lifetime for different epitaxial 4H-SiC layers by using the microwave photoconductivity...
Authors: Corey J. Cochrane, Patrick M. Lenahan, Aivars J. Lelis
Abstract:We have identified a magnetic resonance spectrum associated with minority carrier lifetime killing defects in device quality 4H SiC.
Authors: Georgios Manolis, Kęstutis Jarašiūnas, Irina G. Galben-Sandulache, Didier Chaussende
Abstract:We applied a picosecond dynamic grating technique for studies of nonequilibrium carrier dynamics in a 0.8 mm thick bulk 3C-SiC crystal grown...
Authors: Vladimir Ilich Sankin, Pavel P. Shkrebiy, Alla A. Lepneva, Andrey G. Ostroumov, Rositza Yakimova
Abstract:In materials with a small degree of ionicity ranging 10-15%, such as in SiC, carrier scattering on polar optical potential is possible....
Authors: W.S. Loh, J.P.R. David, B.K. Ng, Stanislav I. Soloviev, Peter M. Sandvik, J.S. Ng, C. Mark Johnson
Abstract:Hole initiated multiplication characteristics of 4H-SiC Separate Absorption and Multiplication Avalanche Photodiodes (SAM-APDs) with a n-...
Authors: Hiroaki Sato, Ichiro Shoji, Jun Suda, Takashi Kondo
Abstract:Second-order nonlinear-optical coefficients of 4H and 6H-SiC have been measured with the wedge technique. Using high-quality (11-20) samples...
Authors: Patrik Ščajev, Arunas Kadys, Kęstutis Jarašiūnas
Abstract:We applied a picosecond dynamic grating technique for investigation of thermal diffusivity, sound velocity, thermo-optic and photoelastic...
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