Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2009

Volumes 645-648

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dai Okamoto, Hiroshi Yano, Tomoaki Hatayama, Takashi Fuyuki

Abstract: A change in the interface state density in 4H-SiC metal–oxide–semiconductor (MOS) structures by incorporation of various elements was...

Authors: Alberto F. Basile, John Rozen, X.D. Chen, Sarit Dhar, John R. Williams, Leonard C. Feldman, Patricia M. Mooney

Abstract: The electrical properties of the SiC/SiO2 interface resulting from oxidation of the n-type 6H-SiC polytype were studied by hi-lo CV,...

Authors: Yoshinori Iwasaki, Hiroshi Yano, Tomoaki Hatayama, Yukiharu Uraoka, Takashi Fuyuki

Abstract: We have investigated NH3 plasma pretreatment for Si- and C-face 4H-SiC and characterized interface properties and bond configuration. It is...

Authors: Yusuke Kagei, Takashi Kirino, Yuu Watanabe, Shuhei Mitani, Yuki Nakano, Takashi Nakamura, Takuji Hosoi, Takayoshi Shimura, Heiji Watanabe

Abstract: We propose a treatment of nitrogen radical irradiation to 4H-SiC surfaces for improving thermally grown SiO2/SiC interfaces. X-ray...

Authors: Jeong Hyun Moon, Jeong Hyuk Yim, Han Seok Seo, Chang Hyun Kim, Do Hyun Lee, Kuan Yew Cheong, Wook Bahng, Nam Kyun Kim, Hyeong Joon Kim

Abstract: We have investigated the electrical and physical properties of the oxidized-SiN with or without post oxidation annealing (POA) in N2 gas. A...

Authors: Dai Okamoto, Hiroshi Yano, Yuki Oshiro, Tomoaki Hatayama, Yukiharu Uraoka, Takashi Fuyuki

Abstract: Characteristics of metal–oxide–semiconductor (MOS) capacitors and MOS field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) fabricated by direct oxidation of...

Authors: Harsh Naik, Z. Li, T. Paul Chow

Abstract: High temperature C-V characterization with and without UV illumination has been performed on n-type 4H-SiC MOS capacitors fabricated using...

Authors: Tomasz Gutt, Henryk M. Przewlocki, Mietek Bakowski

Abstract: A novel method based on the analysis of the C-V hysteresis change with increasing charge release time is proposed. The presence of a band of...

Authors: Corey J. Cochrane, Brad C. Bittel, Patrick M. Lenahan, Jody Fronheiser, Kevin Matocha, Aivars J. Lelis

Abstract: We have extended a magnetic resonance based study of MOS devices to include electrically detected magnetic resonance (EDMR) measurements of...

Authors: Pawel A. Sobas, Ola Nilsen, Helmer Fjellvåg, Bengt Gunnar Svensson

Abstract: Using impedance spectroscopy (IS) for characterization of the electrical properties and gas sensing characteristics of Al2O3/4H-SiC (MOS)...


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