Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2009

Volumes 645-648

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tsubasa Matsumoto, Shin Ichi Nishizawa, Satoshi Yamasaki

Abstract: Calculations of lattice constant of 4H-SiC and diamond have been carried out. Lattice constant of 4H-SiC trends to decrease when nitrogen...

Authors: Kinga Kościewicz, Wlodek Strupiński, Wojciech Wierzchowski, Krzysztof Wieteska, Andrzej Roman Olszyna

Abstract: The electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) detector placed inside a commercial scanning electron microscope (SEM) has been used to study of...

Authors: Nicolò Piluso, Andrea Severino, Massimo Camarda, Ruggero Anzalone, Andrea Canino, Giuseppe Condorelli, Giuseppe Abbondanza, Francesco La Via

Abstract: Raman microscopy has been used to study transport properties in hetero-epitaxial 3C-SiC/Si thin films. By an accurate analysis of the...

Authors: Alexander A. Lebedev, Pavel L. Abramov, Elena V. Bogdanova, Sergey Y. Davydov, Sergey P. Lebedev, Dmitrii K. Nelson, Gagik A. Oganesyan, Boris S. Razbirin, Alla S. Tregubova

Abstract: Photoluminescence (PL) spectra of 3C-SiC(n,p)/6H-SiC(n) and 3C-SiC(p)/15R-SiC(n) heterostructures have been studied. A broad structureless...

Authors: Jorge Andres Guerra, Anja Winterstein, Oliver Erlenbach, Gonzalo Gálvez, Francisco De Zela, Roland Weingärtner, Albrecht Winnacker

Abstract: Amorphous wide bandgap semiconductor thin films of the pseudobinary compound (SiC)1-x(AlN)x were grown by radio frequency dual magnetron...

Authors: Jan M. Knaup, Han Li, Joost J. Vlassak, Efthimios Kaxiras

Abstract: Organosilicate glasses (OSG) are of great technological interest as low-k dielectrics. We use ab initio simulations to analyze the...

Authors: Robert E. Stahlbush, Rachael L. Myers-Ward, Brenda L. VanMil, D. Kurt Gaskill, Charles R. Eddy

Abstract: The recently developed technique of UVPL imaging has been used to track the path of basal plane dislocations (BPDs) in SiC epitaxial layers....

Authors: Joshua D. Caldwell, A.J. Giles, Robert E. Stahlbush, M.G. Ancona, Orest J. Glembocki, Karl D. Hobart, Brett A. Hull, Kendrick X. Liu

Abstract: Since it was determined that the formation and expansion of intrinsic stacking faults (SFs) induced a drift in the forward voltage (Vf) in...

Authors: Massimo Camarda, Pietro Delugas, Andrea Canino, Andrea Severino, Nicolò Piluso, Antonino La Magna, Francesco La Via

Abstract: Shockley-type Stacking faults (SSF) in hexagonal Silicon Carbide polytypes have received considerable attention in recent years since it has...

Authors: Gan Feng, Jun Suda, Tsunenobu Kimoto

Abstract: In-grown stacking faults (IGSFs) in thick 4H-SiC epilayers grown at high growth rates have been characterized by micro-photoluminescence...


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