Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2009

Volumes 645-648

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Naoya Okamoto, Kenji Imanishi, Toshihide Kikkawa, Naoki Nara

Abstract: We discuss the influence of negative charging on high-rate ICP etching of SiC via-holes for GaN HEMT MMICs. There is large differential...

Authors: Shun Sadakuni, Junji Murata, Keita Yagi, Yasuhisa Sano, Kenta Arima, Azusa N. Hattori, Takeshi Okamoto, Kazuto Yamauchi

Abstract: We have developed a novel planarization technique for gallium nitride (GaN) substrates using a photo-electro chemical process and solid acid...

Authors: Tetsuo Hatakeyama, Takuma Suzuki, Kyoichi Ichinoseki, Hirofumi Matsuhata, Kenji Fukuda, Takashi Shinohe, Kazuo Arai

Abstract: This paper discusses the issues regarding reliability of large-area (up to 25mm2) gate oxide on the C-face of 4H-SiC. We have shown that the...

Authors: Liang Chun Yu, Kin P. Cheung, Greg Dunne, Kevin Matocha, John S. Suehle, Kuang Sheng

Abstract: Reliability of the gate oxide on SiC is a pressing concern for deploying SiC MOS-based devices in real systems. While good projected oxide...

Authors: Yasuto Hijikata, Hiroyuki Yaguchi, Sadafumi Yoshida

Abstract: We have tried to apply the oxidation model of SiC proposed previously, termed ‘Si-C emission model’, to the oxide growth rate at various...

Authors: Keiko Kouda, Yasuto Hijikata, Hiroyuki Yaguchi, Sadafumi Yoshida

Abstract: We have investigated the oxidation process of SiC (000-1) C-face at low oxygen partial pressures using an in-situ spectroscopic...

Authors: Aurore Constant, Nicolas Camara, Phillippe Godignon, Maxime Berthou, Jean Camassel, Jean Manuel Decams

Abstract: Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) has been evaluated as an alternative to conventional furnace technique for oxidation of 4H- and 3C-SiC. We...

Authors: Kohei Kozono, Takuji Hosoi, Yusuke Kagei, Takashi Kirino, Shuhei Mitani, Yuki Nakano, Takashi Nakamura, Takayoshi Shimura, Heiji Watanabe

Abstract: The dielectric breakdown mechanism in 4H-SiC metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) devices was studied using conductive atomic force microscopy...

Authors: Masato Noborio, Michael Grieb, Anton J. Bauer, Dethard Peters, Peter Friedrichs, Jun Suda, Tsunenobu Kimoto

Abstract: In this paper, nitrided insulators such as N2O-grown oxides, deposited SiO2 annealed in N2O, and deposited SiNx/SiO2 annealed in N2O on...

Authors: Romain Esteve, Adolf Schöner, Sergey A. Reshanov, Carl Mikael Zetterling

Abstract: The electrical properties of oxides fabricated on n-type 3C-SiC (001) using wet oxidation and an advanced oxidation process combining SiO2...


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